Emotionally focused individual therapy is a revolutionary method of individual therapy based on attachment theory
EFIT is an innovative approach to individual therapy. It combines humanistic experimental interventions aimed at reassessing inner experiences with systemic methods aimed at redefining interactions with significant others. Emotions, with their profound influence on our inner experiences, motivations and key relationships, play a central role in this approach. After all, emotion not only connects and organizes the main experiences and interactions, but also contributes to our development.

Understanding the essence of emotions and using their power becomes a transformational tool for both the therapist and the client. Emotion, when it is available and effectively used, becomes a catalyst for key shifts - in prospects, self-esteem, trust, confidence and competence. This is a natural, organic process: as soon as emotions are properly directed, the natural evolution of thought follows them.

Emotion stands as a reliable beacon, and the direction is obvious: secure attachment. Through the prism of attachment, we gain deeper insights about individuals in their context. BIFIT provides tools and a plan to guide each person to form a secure connection with himself and in his key relationships

Create corrective experiences that positively affect the perception of yourself and others, ensuring long-term changes.
Provide transformational moments where vulnerability meets balance.
Allow clients to accept the accessibility, responsiveness and deep engagement characteristic of secure attachment.
Direct clients to form a consistent self-image that will help them cope with existential problems and fully feel the vital energy
The training is conducted online and includes:
didactic presentations accompanied by recorded sessions with EFIT clients and practical exercises
summary of EFIT theory and practice with emphasis on the paramount importance of emotions and the creation of a safe haven and union
investigation of the main models of health and dysfunction in terms of attachment, including how internal and external cycles interacting block growth and adaptation
a systematic sequence of interventions (called Tango EFT), as well as many micro-interventions
techniques for working with current processes during the session and forming key changes
The EFIT program consists of:
EFIT Level 1
29.11.2023, 30.11.2023, 01.12.2023
PhD, Certified ICEEFT EFT Coach (NY) Zoya Simakhodskaya
EFIT Level 2
17.01.2024, 18.01.2024, 19.01.2024
PhD, Certified ICEEFT EFT Coach (NY) Zoya Simakhodskaya
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