Balkan Educational
Psychological Center "BALENTEIN"
Balkan educational psychological Center "BALENTEIN" organizes and conducts international certification programs in the areas of pair therapy, family therapy and individual therapy through the prism of Systemic Family Therapy. Upon completion of the training, international certificates of the established sample are issued
· Full comprehensive cycle of international certification programs
· Group and individual supervision of certified supervisors
· Small formats of practical training in the School of Skills
· Magazine club with translation and discussion of articles and literature in the chosen direction
· Support chats
· Assistance and support in making payments for selected programs in any national currency
· Solving organizational issues in preparation for certification
We offer high-quality postgraduate education
for psychologists from the founders of the methods or their successors.
We work with Russian-speaking students throughout the former CIS, Central Europe and Central Asia
Our programs
Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) is currently one of the most effective approaches when dealing with marital distress
Emotionally focused individual therapy is a revolutionary method of individual therapy based on attachment theory
A subtle diagnostic tool that allows you to understand the motivation, perception, and behavior of people using a particular attachment strategy
Uses functional analysis to study the impact of partner behavior on each other and on the relationship as a whole
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