The School of EFT skills has started its work

We are pleased to announce that the Balkan School of EFT Skills has started its work.
It was created as a platform for improving the skills of EFT therapy and includes a variety of formats. Lectures, working out in groups, working in an aquarium, supervising, watching films of world-renowned masters, observing the live work of certified EFT therapists – such diversity is necessary for the comprehensive development of the competencies of an EFT therapist.
In the summer of 2023, a number of practices took place, and in August there will be a schedule for the new academic year. Don't miss it!
The leading schools are EFT teachers, candidate supervisors and experienced EFT therapists who are in the certification process.
Specialists who have completed a basic certification course or an alternative EFT program are invited to the school.
Look for the schedule in the tab of the same name, and also subscribe to our telegram channel so as not to miss information about events!